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AIDS incubation period

The cause of AIDS is the HIV virus. The HIV virus is transmitted through body fluids such as blood, semen, breast milk and Vaginalsekret transferred.
The incubation period of AIDS is very long and is currently at 4-16 years. The disease AIDS is not curable. At least now you can mask the symptoms of the disease or weaken the flow of the slow disease.
The symptoms of AIDS is mainly a weakening of the immune system. By weakening the body is vulnerable and the patient is more often and much more sick than people without immune deficiency disease.
Currently there are an estimated 30 million people with the disease. When AIDS is a pandemic. Very widespread is AIDS in Africa. In some countries, the rate of the infected persons aged 16 to 49 already at 20%.
Worldwide, approximately 1% of 16-49 year-old man infected. Due to the long incubation period increases the risk of infection. Of the person himself does not know that he is ill with AIDS.
AIDS is also contagious in the incubation period.

AIDS incubation period: 4-16 years.


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