...Krankheiten und Ihre Inkubationszeit

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Ringel rubella incubation period

ringelrteln incubation period Ringel Rubella Rubella is like a children's disease.
Rubella is ringed by the pathogen causing parvovirus B 19 and spreads through droplet infection.
The incubation period of the disease rubella Ringel is 6-14 days.
Ringel against rubella, there is no vaccine. Often, the disease without severe symptoms.


Incubation period of tetanus

The lockjaw or tetanus is triggered by contaminated wounds.
The pathogen of tetanus is Clostridium tetani.
The incubation period is 3-21 days. The correct name of lockjaw is tetanus.


Swine flu incubation

Swine flu incubation Incubation swine flu

The incubation period in the pig influenza is 1-4 days in humans.
Contagious disease may have on the first day. So at the beginning of the incubation period.
When you slip, the incubation period of swine flu also 1-4 days.

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