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Syphilis incubation

The disease is controlled by the syphilis pathogen Treponema pallidum is triggered.
The infection is via contact or through sexual intercourse.
The incubation period of syphilis is 21 days.
Syphilis is primarily known as a venereal disease, but can also be transmitted by touching.


Scarlet incubation

The incubation period for scarlet fever is 2-7 days.
Scarlet Fever is triggered by streptococci. The spread by droplet infection and smear infection.
Scarlet fever often occurs in children. Usually aged 4-7 years. Scarlet is not a children's disease, because you can get several scarlet. A life-long immunity does not occur.

Soft chancre incubation

Soft chancre is through contact or sexual intercourse transferred.
The incubation period of the soft chancre is 2-7 days.
The causative agent of soft chancre called Haemophilus ducreyi.
The correct name is ulcus molle.


Ruhr incubation

The disease is controlled by the dysentery pathogen Entamoeba histolytica causes.
Does the distribution of pathogens through contact, food, flying and miscarriage.
The incubation period of the Ruhr is only 1-8 days. The medical name is dysentery dysentery.

Rubella incubation period

rteln incubation period Rubella are transmitted by droplet infection.
The incubation period for rubella is 13-21 days.
Rubella is highly contagious. The pathogen is a rubella virus.
Everyone can get rubella, only 1x, that's why rubella is a children's disease. 80-90% of children receive the rubella if they have not been vaccinated.
Rubella is especially dangerous for pregnant women. It can cause miscarriage or harm the child come.


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